A Legacy for the Family


My sons came up with the idea of putting my life story in print for my 70th Birthday so that their children and their children's children would know the Patriarch of their family and how I achieved "The Road to Independence." They hired the company of Memory to Memoir" to write and publish the story for me. Ron Raley interviewed me over several sessions and would send me the text to edit. Leslie Carlson collected pictures from me as well as took pictures of me, my wife and I, and our home. Jody Hauber worked with my wife in writing a most beautiful forward to my book. The finished product was absolutely amazing. I am thrilled to know that my grandchildren and their children will all know who I was especially pleased that I got to write a special "Letter to my Grandchildren" in the book. I highly recommend their company if you want to write such a memoir."– Donald Kaiser


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